"Vacation" Week One

Where have we been? The better question is where haven't we been. Immediately following Benton's birthday soire, Paul and my dad headed to Olympia. Mom, the boys and I followed the next day. The NALC regional convention was in Olympia this year, so we all headed up for the event. While Paul spent his days in meetings and classes, the boys and I spent ours at Black Lake pestering Grandma and Grandpa Ewert.
Apparently I was too busy enjoying myself to take very many pictures.
I decided to start a new tradition this year for our family. It's sort of a covert was of justifying scrapbooking, but we all have to justify it somehow, right? The plan is to put together an album of the family's pictures from the previous year that we will open during our family Christmas. So this year we will open up the 2007 book and take a walk down memory lane. I ordered the Picfolio Milestones album from Creative Memories, printed the pictures at CostCo, and was able to put the whole thing together in a week. Amazing.
I also had the opportunity to do some reconciling reality vs. fantasy (I went shopping). Between the budget, the trends and my body, there was some serious introspection involved :) I even ran 4 miles--in a row!!
Meanwhile the boys ran Grandma and Grandpa all over camp and beyond. Nathaniel got into the sugar bowl, with a spoon. And Benton used some birthday money to buy this cool shirt. Lightning McQueen lights up when he moves. Pretty cool!
Paul finished his duties on Thursday. We went to the wrap up "banquet" at Ramblin' Jacks that night, then Friday we packed up the family and headed for adventure.
Dad told us the salmon were running, so we went over to Tumwater Falls Park to check them out. The boys thought it was pretty cool, although rather stinky. It was a brisk, clear beautiful day, and the park was gorgeous with the trees changing color and waterfalls all over the place. Friday night Paul and I went up to Seattle to a show (that started at 9 and went until 2am!!). Then Saturday morning it was time to load up and head home. We were there long enough to change clothes and head out to Dallas for my cousin Jimmie's wedding. After the wedding we headed back to Salem for dinner with friends.
And if you think that sounds crazy, wait until you hear about week two!

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