We've been snowed in out here for a whole day. And not so much snowed in as iced in . The radio and TV speak only of the weather and the havoc it is causing all over the valley. I'm sure people from North Dakota or any other place they actually get snow are just shaking their heads at our naivete. But the meteorologists have got to be in heaven with something to talk about this week. Last week I literally heard one say, "Today it will be mostly cloudy with more clouds than sun." That is about as exciting as the weather reports usually get around here. "Rain followed by showers" just doesn't have as much impact as below freezing temps for a week in this part of the world!

Paul braves the slick streets for work, but the boys and I have been grounded. This has been tougher than I anticipated, although a mixed blessing. We've been running around like crazy people since Thanksgiving ended, and now that we are forced to slow down, I'm just not sure what to do with myself! (And my social boys are going batty too).
Yesterday, we braved the 23 degree temperatures to play in the snow. Since it doesn't generally get that cold here (and I'm not into seeking it out), we don't have the ideal apparel for ventures out of doors. After about half an hour of bundling everyone up and plying them with promises of warm baths an hot coca, we made it out.

I taught Benton how to make a snow angel, and he taught me how to make an animal print.

The joy lasted about 20 minutes before the baby got stuck with his little super padded buns up in the air and Benton decided it was not fun to slide down a snow covered slide after all. It was fun outside, but I gotta tell you, the bath and the hot coca were the highlight.

On my "day off" I managed to fold a ton of laundry (and put it away!!), make a dent in the Christmas card list, and start wrapping presents. All stuff that has been looming like a dark cloud over my extremely busy head.
Paul didn't get home from work until 9:00 last night, and the rest of the week doesn't look much better. Consider this a friendly reminder to be nice to your mailman!
On my agenda today, wrap more presents, make Italian Style Tomato Soup and bread, try to put chains on the van and get out while we can. It's supposed to be even worse tomorrow!
(At least I have time to blog!)

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Aly sun said...

And we are all thankful for the time to blog.

Cathy said...

Ahh, I feel your pain. Lamar took an overnight bag just in case he got stuck on the other side of the hill. May have to go to a hotel. We're hoping not...love the pictures...is Nathaniel licking up his snot?! I remember those days! Ha! Love it. :-) Have somemore cocoa!

Andee said...

He's actually going for the snow on his mitten, but the snot licking's not far behind, I'm sure.