"If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time," the old saying goes. In many of my past lives I have avoided New Year's resolutions for that very reason--I prefer the 100% success rate of non-goal setting. But as I am growing up, I'm learning that a goal or a purpose is pretty necessary. The poll in the side bar says that 51% of you intend to make and keep a New Year's resolution. Hurray for you! Here are some tips for you while your trying to make and keep those resolutions.
#1 The goal must be specific (not "loose weight," rather "join Weight Watchers and follow the program with the ultimate goal of loosing 10% of my body weight)
#2 The goal should be attainable and consider circumstances that may be out of your control (not "teach my child to read," rather "spend daily time intentionally instructing my child")
#3 If you have a big goal, break it into smaller chunks and re-evaluate the situation throughout the year. (My long term running goal is to run 480 miles this year and get down to a consistent 8 minute mile. That's going to take forever!! So I broke it down to running 120 miles by March 31st and 9 minute miles. Once March 31st rolls around, I can look at my progress so far and see how it compares to where I want to be. My next goal will reflect any adjustments necessary to reach that long term goal).
#4 Write down your plan and read it daily. Keeping the goal clearly in focus keeps you motivated and aware of where you are relative to attaining your goal.
#5 Don't be afraid to re-adjust your goals if something that seemed reasonable at the time turns out not to be.
#6 Make yourself accountable. Share your goals with your husband, a trusted friend, or everyone on the internet and give them permission to ask you how you're doing!

And now that the ground rules are set, here are a couple of my 2009 Resolutions.
Goal: Remember my family's birthdays and send birthday cards ON TIME. Plan: use the birthday calendar from Gordon to keep track of birthdays and send cards three days before the birthday. Have cards, stamps and addresses on hand at all times.
Goal: Run 120 miles by March 31st at a consistent 9 minute mile. Plan: Run 3 miles a day 3 days a week at the gym and run faster!

Happy planning to you all!


Aly sun said...

Fantastic. I'm inspired!

Grandma Sherri said...

You inspired me too, but the vague ones are so much easier... but think of all I could have accomplished if I had been that disciplined, now I'm depressed!