Monkey Business

The following conversation took place in the back seat on the way to the Woodland Park Zoo between Benton and his grandmother who was wedged in the middle seat between two carseats.
Grandma: Don't make such a mess with your sandwich.
Benton: Why?
G: You already have a little peanut butter on your sweater. The monkies at the zoo will smell it and come get you. Monkies like peanut butter.
B: The monkies will eat me?! Mom, I don't want to see the monkies today.
Mom: Benton, Grandma was just teasing you. The monkies aren't going to come get you.
B: OK. I think we should look at other animals besides monkies this day.
G: The monkies won't get you.
B: I know. I just don't wan to look at the monkies.
M: The monkies can't get out of their cages, Ben. The people at the zoo work very hard to keep the monkies in their cages so you will be safe.
B: OK. But we should clean my sweater before we get out of the car.
Mom: OK, that's enough Benton. The monkies will not get you. We are going to see every monkey in this zoo today so you will understand that they won't get you.
B: We just need to get the peanut butter off my sweater....

The conversation went on and on from there, pretty much in the same direction. Once we got to the zoo, things settled in and we saw every monkey in the place with out incident. Imagine my shock when I read this just a few days later: Woodland Park Zoo Shut Down Briefly by Loose Monkey-- The Woodland Park Zoo was evacuated and locked down this morning after a small monkey escaped from an enclosure, officials say, and ran off... (read the whole article here).

Are you kidding me? Please don't anyone ever tell Benton. He will never go into the zoo again if he hears about this!
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Kari said...

hee heee...pride goeth before the fall of a know it all mommy!!! mmwwhhhaaaa haaaa haaa

The Brothers said...


Dallas MOPS said...

I know a mom who has two boys, a tenderhearted one and a spirited child who isn't ever frightened. The mom was irritated when a library movie was damaged and she told the boys that the library wasn't going to allow them back now. The first boy collapsed in tears, distraught that he wouldn't be able to go to the library. The second child was not phased and said, "Come on mom, it wasn't that bad."

I have a feeling our mother will be more careful now with the threats she lobs at Benton. Emma wouldn't be phased and would likely look forward to a monkey escape. Amazing how children can be so different.

Aly sun said...

Ooh, that was me. I forgot to log out when I was updating the MOPS blog.

The Cowgirl's Typewriter said...

Hehe. I read this to my roommate and we were both laughing hysterically. Talk about ironic.

The Brothers said...

Hey, Andee, did you hear that Jake and Mary Ray aren't together anymore? Just wondered if you knew anything more about it than I do. Because I'm really wondering what the heck happened there...

Cathy said...

When you started this post, I immediately thought of that story on tv. That's hilarious! Life is so much funnier with youngsters around!