Benton made his first hypothesis today. He thought the bigger, heavier car would go faster. Turns out it was the opposite, but it sure was fun expereminting.
We watched some geese and goslings. The little ones were very cute, but on their way into their ugly stage--mismatched feathers and all. I had a tremendous amount of sympathy for their awkwardnes.

What the Science Factory lacks in size, it makes up for int atmosphere. This was the path from the entrance to the parking lot. It felt like we were walking in a fairy land. Benton swor he saw an aligator in the water. Given a little more time in the outdoors and my imagination could have gone there right along with him. That's the trouble with being a grown up. It takes too much time for the imagination to kick into full gear when there are naptimes and traffic to consider.

This one's just for Paul. We miss you, baby!


Cathy said...

I love this last picture of mommy and her boys! I'm sure Paul will too!

Grandma Sherri said...

Glad you are finding lots of fun stuff to keep you busy. So does Benton Comprehend a hypothesis now too? Pretty soon he will be teaching us.