Fishy Update #2

John is dead. Benton found him when we came home from grandma and grandpa's this afternoon. He wanted to know where the water in the toilet was going to take John so we had to go through the anatomy of the sewer system. After all that, he informed me that "on Nemo, the sewer goes to the ocean, so that's where John went." OK. Why not? Then through the tears, "I think a movie will make me feel better."
Meanwhile, 5 days? That has to be some sort of record. Poor fish.


Aly sun said...

5 days does seem pretty quick. At least you didn't have to worry about your pets for too long.

sherri said...

Oh, No! He didn't seem too upset over the death of Nathaniel's fish, But that John had to go so soon is very sad. It's sure a good thing you had the life span of a fish discussion so at least he was a little prepared.

Meghan said...

Nat and Benton. Sorry for your lost.