I wanna be a Cowboy

My cousin Lisa was kind enough to invite us out to the ranch where she works to see the horses. Nathaniel is all about horses these days. Everything is "neigh-neigh"! He got a little train set for his birthday that came with a little horse and cowboy. Neigh Neigh, Tex and Nathaniel were inseparable for days.
Benton has also developed a fascination. His most recent future career choice is someone who "makes horses go really fast then stop." However, he does not want to be on the horse at the time. I'm not sure how this will translate into a career.

It was fun to see where Lisa spends a lot of her time, and the boys had a great time. Nathaniel was crazy about the horses. Giddy with joy--as long as they were nowhere near him. He's a stubborn one, so he stayed at least 3 feet away and flat out refused to go closer. Even if someone was holding him. There was climbing, "nonononononono!" and finally, "put me down!" involved.

Benton's gotten a lot better about his fear of things that move. The child at Nathaniel's age was reduced to a quivering ball of tears around a cow, but talked about how he fed it (yeah right) for days. He went right up to the horses and pet their noses and let them sniff his head. He even survived a miniature horse nipping his ear.

Thanks, Lisa for a fun day!


Aly sun said...

I love that Benton wears cowboy boots. It really makes my day. Can you do cowboy boots with a kilt?

The Cowgirl's Typewriter said...

We'll have to do this more often and then maybe Benton will want to make the horses go really fast and then stop while he's on them and Nathaniel will be petting them. Oh, and the kilt/cowboy boot combination...yeah, probably not. :)