From here to there/From there to here

In my world, we read a lot of Dr. Seuss. frankly nonsense poetry is not entirely nonsense when you're vocabulary is limited to that of a two year old. All words sound rather nonsensical. So why not choose "words" that have fantastic rhythm and rhyme and illustrate using pictures. The ABCs is our all time favorite (at one time Benton could quote the entire thing for you). A close second though is One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. When I was little my favorite character was the Yink who like to "drink pink ink" (because it was pink, I think). Benton wishes he had a pet Zeep. Nathaniel likes to check to make sure there are no birds in your ears. These days, I wish I had a "Zans for cans."
Generally, Dr. Seuss stays in his books, but the other day, I was reminded of the truth that "From here to there
from there to here
Funny things are everywhere."

It was an average day in the mini van. Then I pulled up at a stop light and saw this vehicle next to me.
The vehicle itself was unremarkable, save for the red roses in the bud vase. Oh. And the driver:

No. I am not kidding.
His passenger was less cheerful than the fellow in the next photo, but similar in attire and girth.

The VW Beetle is not the most common car on the road, but I see them regularly. I haven't seen a passenger in the backseat of one that I can recall though. Of course, there was a passenger in this particular car.

Her hair was a tad less tall and her complexion more "skinny colored" as opposed to yellow, but the association was quite remarkable. Unfortunately, she shared the back seat with this guy:

The backseat passengers appeared to be as far away from one another as possible given their spacial limitations. Have I read too much Dr. Seuss? Is children's literature invading my reality? Is there some other rational explanation for the characters assembled in the Beetle? Help me out here!


Cathy said...

Funny things ARE everywhere...we just have to open our eyes. Thanks for making me laugh...again!

Sally said...

LOL - I really think everyone should see the world this way... don't you?

The Cowgirl's Typewriter said...


Aly sun said...

Very strange sighting. What would a boring life look like, I wonder?

Grandma Sherri said...

I can hardly believe it- maybe you were really in an alternate reality and it was Suess world.