Too Quiet

A few weeks ago, Benton's friend Kyler came over for a few hours. I gave them the ten minute warning before it was time to take him home, and things got eerily quiet. I heard the bedroom door close softly, then nothing. I know enough to know that when two four year old boys and the two year old little brother are around, quiet may be easy on the ears, but it usually means disaster in some other form. I gave them two minutes. How much damage could they do in two minutes? Ok, five. I can clean up five minutes worth of quiet.
Seven minutes. Time to check. They could have torn down a wall by now.
I was prepared for a mess.
I was prepared for breakage,
and other damage.
I was not prepared for this:

They were reading! Benton was "reading" Curious George and the Dump Truck to Kyler and Nathaniel who listened in rapt attention.
I snuck out, and they got an extra ten minutes or two.


Grandma Sherri said...

Miracles do happen!!!

Sally said...

*LOVE* that!

Cathy said...

Ahhhh, that put a smile on your face!