The week on review

Here is the definition of trampoline: "It's all fun and games until somebody breaks a tooth on his brother's head." Seriously. I looked it up. OK, so I didn't look it up; I am relying on memory. Saturday night, well after dental office hours, the above occurred. The hard head belongs to Nathaniel--confirming quite a few suspicions--the broken tooth, to Benton. His eye tooth fractured clear up into the gum line, but held steady until Sunday School when it came out with a bite of frosted animal cracker. Not the whole tooth, just a sliver. "Does it hurt," I asked later that day. "Not since it came out on the carpet," came the reply.
On Sunday, I volunteered to help out with our church's VBS, hoping to be disqualified on the basis of the two year old I would have to bring along. I was not disqualified, and was asked to be the story teller. Since I can't say no, especially to a good story, I said sure. I was handed the paperwork and told to be at church ready to tell my story Monday at 5:00. No problem.
Monday morning, Nathaniel woke up at 6:23. Waaay to early. I bent to pick him up and haul him back to bed, just like I do every morning, when my back decided it was not going to cooperate. Hunched over like Quasi Modo, and in searing pain, I took him back to bed and promptly collapsed on the couch. Paul brought me 100 ibuprophin (I wish), got breakfast ready for the boys, turned on the TV so they would be entranced by it the moment they woke up and scurried out the door for work. I could share every detail of the day with you, because, trust me, it was hillarious, but I will spare you the pain and simply bullet point a few of the, er, high points.
  • Benton refused to watch more than half an hour of tv, because, he told me with tears in his eyes, "too much TV isn't healthy, Mom. Do you want me to do something that isn't healthy?"
  • I could not get my left arm inside of my sweatshirt, so I went around with half a shirt on for most of the day.
  • I made an appointment with a chiropractor at 3:30
  • Nathaniel let himself out of the house 3 times.
  • Kendra arrived to pick up the Bible Story book just before noon. I was flat on the couch in mismatched half on clothing and Benton was getting ready to make all of us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches all by himself. Kendra was kind enough to help him and not point an laugh at me.
  • Just after noon, the cavalry, in the form of the Hammonds, arrived to take my children away. My sweet husband arranged it so the kids had a fun afternoon with friends and I didn't have to rely on the sterness of my voice alone to keep them in line.
  • The chiropractor took an hour and a half to fix me in one crunch.
  • I took Ben to VBS and left him there for someone else to bring home.
So that was Monday. Our VBS ran from 6-8:30, so it was a lot of long evenings in a row. It was so fun though. The kids loved it, and I'm pretty sure the grown ups did too. Wednesday and Friday I had follow ups with the chiropractor, and Thursday Benton went to the dentist. He got x-rayed and examined and the dentist said it's pretty rare for a tooth to break like that. They put a sealant on the tooth to make up for the missing enamel and said to watch for signs of decay. We might have to sacrifice it for the big tooth, but so far,it looks OK.
After VBS on Friday, I decided we all needed a treat. We stopped at Dairy Queen on the way home--way past bedtime--and ate dipped cones and made messes and laughed and laughed. It was a good end to a busy week.


Grandma Sherri said...

I can't believe Ben's comment about too much TV, has that ever happened before or since, or was it a one time only concern for his health when you were most in need of his cooperation?

Sally said...

Oh my... that is quite a week indeed!

Cathy said...

You, indeed, had an interesting week for sure!