Sunday Hair and Monday Haircuts

One of the great pleasures of parenting is messing with your kids' heads. In this case, I mean literally. On Sunday mornings, I like to give them "Sunday Hair." I'm just strange that way. I comb their hair and put gel in it and style it in some sort of 1982 part-on-the-side look. Then I laugh, they laugh and I pray it won't hold. I never does. I decided I needed to take pictures of their Sunday Hair this week. Aren't they charming?

In other news, Benton told me today that he needed a haircut. I asked him what kind of haircut he wanted, and he referenced a couple kids at church who are sporting the summer buzz cut. When Paul came home from work, they sat down at the computer and went over a few haircut options. We got a lot of "No way!" "To messy!" "Too spikey." "Too crazy." What child is this? A rebel to the core!
Paul took the clippers to the boys on the deck, and they handled it like old pros. (I think this is Nat's 3rd haircut ever). A dad will do what a dad has to do to clean up after such an event, so he took the leaf blower to the deck and the boys. Ben thought it quite fun, Nathaniel, not so much. Both of them love their new hair-dos though. Nathaniel goes around rubbing his head saying, "my Nano hansom." And Benton has been asking everyone he meets how cute he looks.


Grandma Sherri said...

Amazingly handsome with Sunday hair and with buzz cuts! And I'm very proud of their daddy who understands his sons hair whims better than most dads ever will

Aly sun said...

"My Nano hansom" indeed. They both look great!

Cathy said...

I love your Sunday Hair idea! What fun and a lot of laughs, I'm sure!