Zoo Trip

Paul ended up with a rare day off yesterday, so we decided to take advantage of it and make a trip too the zoo lat in the day. We took Soren and Keiton along since we were supposed to be babysitting. It was really a perfect afternoon (aside from the zoo concert crowds we didn't account for). The sun was out, but not to hot (note my eldest in the sweatshirt. He must take after his mom). Going to the zoo with kids is seriously the best fun ever. Their reactions and responses and excitement is simply awesome. Soren's favorite was the snakes, Ben "loved all of them," Nathaniel will not stop talking about the giraffe, and I have never seen a kid so mesmerized as Keiton watching the elephant take a drink. My favorite? The four little monkies sitting on the rock.

"Up the hill, up the hill; stomp stomp stomp."

Up close and personal with a reticulated giraffe.
"Mount up, littles!"

I caught Paul dancing when he thought no one was watching.

Running through the mister.

Monkey see, monkey do!

On the way home, we played a few rounds of the quiet game. The last round lasted passed the five minute mark, then the 10 minute mark, then eyes started dropping closed, and heads started nodding. By the time we got to Keiton and Soren's house, 3/4 of the kids were out. A very successful trip indeed!


Andee said...

Sorry. This is going to hurt your eyes for a bit. I promise to change the background soon!

Grandma Sherri said...

Definately the monkeys on the rock!

Aly sun said...

Big challenge, but looks like fun!

Cathy said...

We definitely have to go back to the zoo soon! Wanted to go last week, but there was no way we were going to do that in 100+ heat! How did Mr. Mailman get a day off?! Lamar wants to know...he's very jealous right now. Shhhhhh.

Andee said...

Cathy, he has his "people" screen his phone calls. I am just terrible at remembering to give him messages.