More Christmas e l

At last, the rest of Christmas...

Christmas number three was at my aunt Marci and Uncle Dennis' House. We had the traditional cheese fondue, a delicacy lost on the children. They preferred the unending supply of cookies.

Nathaniel made friends with the Brown's kittens. I don't remember this one's name, but Nathaniel sure liked him/her? Aunt Marci, a little help?

We all had a lovely time. No really, we did, I just couldn't resist this precious moment.

And finally it was Christmas with the Lundes.

The kids all got giant pillow animals from grandma and grandpa and could not resist trying them out.

I have 3 beautiful nieces. You'd never to know it the way they hide from cameras though. It took a little help from my bro-in-law to catch them on camera.

See. Told you they're beautiful!

This little niece is NOT camera shy. Between the three 2.5ish year olds, the action never stopped.

Someone (Laila) had the bright idea that we should all wear ugly, I mean festive, sweaters. These two manage to be macho regardless, watching a Mt. Everest climbing show.

Christmas is over, but I am having a hard time letting go. The sweets have all been consumed, the new toys have found homes in the bedroom closet, the Christmas tree is back in the box, K103 is back to playing soft rock, and I am ready for it to start all over again.
Instead though, I will take stock of my life, evaluate what is important to me, set a few goals and set about achieving them in 2010.

#1--fitting back into my fat jeans. At least I have something to show for all that fudge, right?

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Sherri said...

what!! zero comments? too sad with such great pictures and Christmas memories! Paul and the boys at Brown's is priceless- just a little too much Christmas.-
And the brothers in the festive sweaters? that is just fun getting to peek in on that memory!