Some Ancient History

A few weeks before Christmas, out of the blue, Benton says to me, "Mom, I want to have a Christmas party and invite all of my friends and have presents and watch a movie." Who am I to say no? I made a few calls and set a date. Since it was his party, he planned the activities--decorate cookies and watch the new Veggie Tales Christmas movie.

I was prepared for cookie decorating disaster--8 kids between 2 and 5 with frosting and sprinkles? Yikes!! I found an awesome recipe for sugar cookies that hold their own against little kids and used frosting from a can with food coloring added. The kids had a great time with it. They decorated their own cookies, then they started making them for each other. It was very sweet. Even the little ones got into it. Frosting did not fly, sprinkles didn't get spilled, all in all it was a rather magazine worthy experience.

Nathaniel, Madelyn (next to Nat,but not in the picture), Keiton, Kyler, Soren, Benton, Nika and Christian crafting their cookies.
*The only name not underlined in red by my spell checker is Christian.
A long time ago, I promised pictures of Zoo lights in the rain. Well, here they are. It was not raining when we left home, but by the time we unloaded two van loads of people in the empty zoo parking lot, the drizzle was coming down Oregon style. (Wet, cold and steady; but not enough to slow down the stalwart).

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SM said...

stumbled on here :) great blog. I wish I had been that brave when mine were so little to do a party.