For Cindy

On Saturday, my very dear friend's mom made it Home after a long battle with cancer. She fought courageously with her husband and family at her side and her eyes always on her Heavenly Father. She saw life as a gift and an adventure right up until the end. Our hearts break now because she was a beautiful woman, a light to all who knew her, and we will miss her.

I get lost daily. I loose sight of my goal. I forget that the minutes that pass here can mean everything in the context of eternity. The choice I make to smile or scream can make all the difference. People are watching. My kids are watching. My friends are watching. My kids's friends are watching. Jesus is watching. I can move mountains by choosing to be faithful or I can be defeated because I can't see the other side.

It's the simple choices we make every day that make a difference. I haven't seen her face in a couple of years, but she has impacted my life forever. And I know I'm not the only one. I can only hope that someday, Jesus will sing this song over me as he sings it over her now.

I've been waiting
to dance with you in fields full of colors you have never seen.
I have been waiting
to show you beauty you've never dreamed that's always been in you.
I have been waiting
to see you tremble as you're embraced by a world that's saturated by my love.
I've been waiting for the day
When at last I get to say
"My child, you are finally home."


Aly sun said...

A beautiful tribute for a beautiful woman. She was an inspiration. I have such good memories of her from childhood and my heart breaks for her family who now has to go on without her.

Sherri said...

Thanks for your very moving tribute. I've never heard this song and it is wonderful. Jesus is so happy to have Cindy with him now.

Bravo007 said...

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