For Grand Parent Types Only

So this post isn't exclusive to grand parental units, but it takes a lot of love to appreciate a virtual tour of an Art show and Concert starring a six year old. No matter his star quality. 

We participated in a week long Art/Music camp during Spring Break. It is a fantastic (free) program, and Benton LOVED it. 

Nathaniel participated as his short attention span would allow and the two of us got to spend a little quality time at the grocery store while Benton slaved away at rehearsals. The theme for the art section was architecture so they learned fun new concepts like tension and compression (in the bridge building class) and exciting vocabulary like flying buttresses (in the castle section).

On the final day, the students built a contraption designed to keep an egg safe when dropped off the roof of a building using only items found around your house. After Benton and his dad spent a few days brainstorming, Benton finally came up with the design. A box with a layer of foam in the bottom and foam on the top. 

In test drop #1 from the second story window onto our driveway, the box landed on its side and the egg didn't make it. A few modifications were made: more foam on the sides and a wing to slow the descent and all that was left was to decorate and try again. 

It survived test drop #2 from the same location as well as test drop #3 from the roof and test drop #4 from the roof of the Marion Parkade. You'll have to suffer through the slide show to see how it fared in competition.

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Aly sun said...

Good stuff here!

Sherri said...

I was so shocked to see a new post!! So much fun Ben had, and such a brilliant and handsome child. Why was he the only one smart enough to do the motions?
Nathaniel's talent is also amazing:)

Andee said...

Yeah. There actually weren't motions. Benton thought there should be though.

Peggy said...

Grandma's and Great Aunts!!!
So glad you are back!!! Can we be expecting more posts? Hope so. It is so fun to see how everyone is growing. The talent is amazing. Love ya!